The source of all of your Northern California outdoor advertising and out-of-home media. Marketshare offers everything from essential weekend signage such as a-boards, human directionals and pathfinders to eye-catching guerrilla advertising inflatable promotions and freeway billboards.
In Marketshare we’ve spent the last 30 years perfecting the art of outdoor advertising. It’s a very complex and it takes a number of people to do it. We have a whole team that can plan design and facilitate your outdoor advertising program. If you’ve ever tried to find a new home community in a new area you will know that it is extremely important to have an excellent Seim program after advertising is really the first touch point you’re going to have with your potential buyer. So important because that first impression is what they will remember.
Very important that the signage works that they not law. Had they not get frustrated and that’s what we’re here for we approach every client we have as zip were part of their team and I personally feel and I know all of our sales people do that we actually work for them and work with them as a team member. We analyze what they need. What we can do for them with their budgets are going to be we figure out starting with the major freeways how people will exit and how they will go on the major feeder streets and how they will get into the community right to the actual sales.
And we make sure that once their signs go up we stay on the community and make sure it works right to the last house sells at market share. We never forget that. First impressions matter. We have 30 years of experience to make sure that what your potential buyer sees is what you want them to see from they’re going to feel comfortable and they’re going to arrive at your sales center ready to buy.