Our capabilities include design, fabrication, assembly and staging of sales centers, sales pavilions, design centers and unique designed merchandising venues.
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Marketshare has over 30 years of experience in designing sales offices. We’re a great partner with our clients because we work with them from design to completion of the sales office. Builders need a reliable partner who understands project management and design. And we don’t just think about that design but also the functionality of the sales office how well it’s going to work making sure that the space works for the agents selling and the buyers coming into the office. Market share has been so successful because the teams stand together for so long.
And we have such talented designers at Marketshare. We have faced every problem you can imagine. And because of that we have learned how to streamline the process. Market share prices sell off on the details. There’s so many details that go into. One sales office and we really try to make sure that we check every one of those boxes. Our team has 30 years of experience and we know how to help the builders achieve what they need. The market share is a good partner with builders because we handle the things that they don’t want to have to worry about.
We get clients with many different budgets but we always try to give you the sells office that exceeds your expectations. I think what makes marketers so special is because we’re the complete package. We do design project management. We make sure at the end. Of that project. That clients happy. That’s our most important thing.