At Marketshare, we’re committed to helping our clients find new ways to connect with their potential buyers (and fill their communities in the process). And today, we’d like to introduce you to a product that has the potential to completely revolutionize the way you showcase your communities and sell your properties—MarketshareTV.
What is MarketshareTV?
MarketshareTV is a virtual sales center that allows you and your sales team to create innovative, immersive, and interactive experiences with your audience. With MarketshareTV, potential buyers have the opportunity to experience your properties and community in a way they’ve never seen before. This technology is unprecedented in the building industry—and will completely change the way you and your sales team do business.
What are the key features?
MarketshareTV is the first technology of its kind that allows you to create one-of-a-kind virtual experiences for potential buyers.
Key features of MarketshareTV include:
Interactive floor plans and 3D home tours
With MarketshareTV, potential buyers can explore interactive floor plans which include all the different structural options and layouts available within your community. Once they find a layout they think might be a fit, they can launch a 3D home tour of their chosen layout that allows them to fully explore the property in a way simple floor plans just can’t provide.
For example, with the interactive floor plans feature, a family with young children would be able to view different floor plans and layout options. Maybe they want their kid’s rooms to be upstairs and a play room downstairs.Then, they can take a 3D tour of each layout to see which one feels like it would be the best fit for their family.
Virtual home customization
Different people have different tastes. One potential buyer might love carpet while another wouldn’t even think of purchasing a home without hard wood. Some people insist on stainless steel appliances while others prefer the appliances to be built into (and hidden by) the cabinetry in the kitchen.
Bottom line, each of your potential buyers is going to want different features in their home.
With MarketshareTV, potential buyers have the ability to choose the custom features they want in their home before launching a 3D tour. By offering virtual home tours that cater to each potential buyer’s preferences, you’re able to create highly individualized experiences tailored to the user—which can make a huge impact on your ability to turn those potential buyers into actual buyers.
Interactive site plans
In addition to being able to explore properties within your community, MarketshareTV also gives potential buyers the opportunity to explore the community as a whole with the interactive site plan feature. Users are able to pull up photos and videos of different areas within the community, get information on plot sizes and elevation, and see which properties have already sold and which are on the market.
Interactive neighborhood plans
The available homes within your community—and the community itself—are obviously major selling points for potential buyers. But so is the surrounding neighborhood.
Potential buyers want to know are there supermarkets nearby? How about restaurants and entertainment? How are the schools?
Typically, potential buyers have to do a lot of research to get a feel for a neighborhood—but with MarketshareTV, we do the work for them. The interactive neighborhood plan feature (which leverages geographical data from Google Maps) gives potential buyers a clear picture of neighborhood amenities and their proximity to your community.
How can you use MarketshareTV to connect with potential buyers and fill your communities?
One of the most effective ways to use MarketshareTV is in your sales office. If your community is still under development, it can be challenging for your sales team to paint a picture of what the properties will be like once construction is finished. But MarketshareTV gives your potential buyers everything they need to truly experience what your community will look and feel like upon completion—making it one of the most powerful tools in your sales teams’ arsenal.
Want to learn more?
Get in touch today to find out how you can get started with MarketshareTV to revolutionize the way you showcase your communities and sell properties!