At Marketshare, we’re always on the lookout for innovative ways we can make the sales and marketing process easier for our clients. And with our newest offering, we’re making things easier than ever before.
Welcome to Salesbox, the world’s first completely portable, customizable sales office. With Salesbox, you don’t have to worry about building a new sales office for every community—your sales and leasing office travels with you.
But how, exactly, does Salesbox work? What can it offer your building business? And—most importantly—how can you use it to drive sales and get buyers into your community?
How Salesbox works
Salesbox allows you the flexibility of a completely reusable, relocatable sales office. Each Salesbox is housed in an 8 x 20 shipping container that comes equipped with:
  • both interior and exterior lighting
  • a barn-style sliding door
  • wall and ceiling insulation
  • a wireless alarm system
  • an electrical power panel
  • custom flooring
  • built-in cabinetry
  • plenty of seating (including a chair for your sales representative, chairs for potential buyers, and a bench)
Builders and apartment developers can also choose from additional features including a touchscreen sales kiosk, a custom awning, a sales office sign, and custom, three-dimensional exterior lettering branded to match your business.
Salesbox only takes a few hours to build—and when you sell out your community, the mobile office can be removed quickly and easily from the property.
The Salesbox advantage
Ok, so now let’s talk about the Salesbox advantage.
Salesbox saves you money
One of the biggest advantages of Salesbox is how much money it can save your business.
Building a state-of-the-art sales or leasing center from the ground up requires a serious investment. There’s building costs, labor costs, material costs…the list goes on. And if you have multiple communities, those costs are only expanded across your properties—and those costs can add up quickly.
With Salesbox, you only pay for your sales or leasing office as long as you need it—whether that’s one month or two years. And because Salesbox is mobile, you can easily move it from community to community (or choose to house your office off-site).
Salesbox saves you time
Not only does building a sales or leasing center from the ground up take money—it takes a lot of time. From designing the center to hiring the right team to managing the building process, getting a sales office up and running can take months.
With Salesbox, the design and building is handled for you in a matter of hours, not months..
Salesbox provides flexibility
When you build a sales or leasing office on your own, it doesn’t offer much in terms of flexibility. Once you decide on a location, you’re pretty much locked in—unless you want to tear it all down and start from scratch somewhere new.
But with Salesbox, you have the flexibility to change the location of your sales office at will—which is especially beneficial as your building business continues to grow. Sell out a community? No worries—just move Salesbox to your next community site. Noisy construction distracting from the sales process? No worries—just move Salesbox off-site so your sales team can close potential buyers without the sounds of bulldozers in the background. Need to hit pause on your sales process? No worries—just cancel your rental.
When it comes to flexibility, you’ve got nothing but options with Salesbox.
Want to learn more about how Salesbox can completely change the way your building business approaches your sales office?
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