Let’s face it, buyers are using their phones to find homes they like and want to look at. They don’t have much time to see your ad, click on it, be redirect to your website, then asked to fill out a long form made for a desktop. What a headache! Buyers do almost everything from their phones these days so your marketing needs to keep pace. Trust me when I say that it’s difficult to fill out the standard forms on a mobile device. That’s where Facebook Lead Ads come in.
Facebook announced a new ad program a few months ago and it is now available to most everyone. When a buyer clicks on one of your ads, your form pops up with all of their information automatically populated. This autofill function makes it much easier for buyers on the go. They can either click sign up or they can edit the information and then proceed. Essentially reducing the scheduling or sign up process to two taps of their finger.
Here at Marketshare we are focusing on creating lead ads to encourage buyers to sign up for a grand opening event, sign up for pre-sale coming soon list, special offers, broker tours and much more. Facebook even allows us to customize the lead form to include a drop down of multiple choices or an open ended question. Perfect to pre-qualify the leads with questions like: What is your Budget? When do you plan to purchase? Are you pre-approved? Do you like any specific Model? Etc. There are currently six buttons to choose from:
  • Apply Now
  • Download
  • Get Quote
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Subscribe
The new lead ad format works with the Facebook Pixel allowing you to target visitors to your community websites opening up the possibility even more. A perfect opportunity to target visitors to your site book a visit. Furthermore they are building out their API and integrating with CRM’s. Allowing us to set up the leads to go directly into the builders CRM for the all-important quick response. Plus the conversion rates are much higher than landing page forms and the cost is dramatically lower. We have found that the cost per conversion goes down almost 4X and the number of leads go up 3X!
Builders should at the very least be using Lead ads to find buyers that are interested in receiving emails about their latest updates and offers for individual communities. Be sure to make it obvious what subscribers get and don’t forget to include what they call a lead card. A lead card is your opportunity to really explain what you are offering once the buyer takes action on the initial ad. Details about the incentive or your value proposition. Things like:
  • Promote Grand Opening or Open Houses
  • Share New Floor Plans
  • New Incentives
  • New Releases
  • Sign up for price changes.
  • Behind the scenes footage, photos or updates
  • Offer seasonal tips
  • General community updates
To start hearing from your buyers on mobile, talk to our digital team by giving us a call or shooting us an email at
Call or email us 408-934-8357 [email protected]
PS – Don’t forget to A/B test your ads. Try different images and targeted audience to get the best results. Here at Marketshare we find the best ads are actively managed and never “set it and forget it”.
Additional Resources: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1462876307360828
Call or email us 408-934-8357 [email protected]