Like most of us in business we look for specific traits when working with new people, things like:
  • Excellent Communication
  • Passionate & Spirited
  • Experts in Their Field
  • Focused + Determined
  • Trustworthy + Reliable
Shouldn’t these be the same traits you look for in a marketing partner for your communities?
For over 30 years Marketshare has been partnering & helping builders generate leads & connect with home buyers. With so many years of experience we continually innovate and test new marketing strategies that help build brands and sell homes. We all know this industry is built through relationships and we want to get to know you. Let us show you how we strive to surprise and delight all our builders by taking a craftsman view to all the work we do.
Contact us today to get free resources we think you will enjoy.
  • Waze and the upcoming Google Map’s local ads.
  • How to generate leads directly from Facebook Ads.
  • Instagram and the next wave of advertising.
  • Proven to work retargeting programs.
  • Where is video heading for 20XX and beyond
  • Turnkey virtual reality model home tours.
  • Social media services including design and content creation.
We’re ready to put our 30+ years of marketing knowledge to work for you. Contact us TODAY!  408-934-8357 [email protected]