Are you aware that a 30-second spot during Super Bowl for advertisers costs $5 million and upwards? And how big is the audience? According to Nielsen, it had 113.1 million viewers in 2017 show the cheating Patriots come back and win. Now compare that with popular video sharing platforms like YouTube. Around 30-million viewers log on to YouTube every day.

According to comScore, around 82% of Internet users spend around 30-45 minutes per day on YouTube. In simple terms, online video platforms like YouTube is a goldmine for advertisers, particularly video advertisers. Despite this, YouTube is still not profitable but this is another topic.

To top it all off, all ads displayed on YouTube and other platforms have 50% view-through rate. Thus, if you are a home builder and not utilizing video ads for marketing, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. And Market Share Online can help you in tapping into this medium.

Unlike conventional video ads that are trying to grab viewers’ attention for selling their products (or services), home builders should create ads that will subliminally put their name or brand into a potential homebuyers mind. It should be TOM or Top of Mind.

The reason is simple. A home buying decision, unlike for other products, is never impulse driven. Whenever an individual or a family is looking for a home, location, amenities, security, and cost are some of the major concerns. You need to touch these triggers in a subtle way. And that too in a short span of 30-seconds.

The beauty of online video ads is that you can target them towards a very specific demographic audience. There is no point in displaying the video ad to a teenager who is hooked onto PewDiePie. Moreover, techniques like retargeting can further increase the return of your advertisements.

Apart from the script and storyline of the video, cinematography also makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of video ads. Pan shots and fading images makes the whole experience immersive. Market Share Online, through its years of experience and expertise, has perfected the art of storytelling through its video ads for homebuilders.

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