5 Must-Have Pieces For Your Sales Center

Jonathan is the Chief Digital Officer CDO at Marketshare, Inc. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. Marketshare, Inc. has been helping builders with all things marketing for over 35 years. Email: [email protected]
When you’re designing a room, there’s are a few pieces you need in every room: a sitting area, a focal point of decor, the right paint color for the walls.
But in addition to those work-in-every-room pieces, there are also key pieces you must include when designing for a specific type of space – like a sales center.
Sales centers are unique in the fact you need to create a space that serves a few different purposes; you want it to be aesthetically pleasing and inviting to visitors, but you also need it to be designed in a way that drives action and help you close potential home buyers and sell your properties.
Here are 5 must-have pieces for your sales center that will help you create a space that’s easy on the eyes – and easy on your closing numbers:
Comfortable and Efficient Workstations For Your Sales Team
Your sales team are the most important piece of your sales office. They’re the ones on the front lines, meeting with potential home buyers, showing off your properties, and closing sales. In order for them to effectively do their job, they need workstations that are comfortable, spacious, and efficient.
Invest in ergonomic chairs that allow your sales team to sit for long periods comfortably and without back pain. Get large, comfortable desks that have plenty of space for your salespeople to go through paperwork with potential homebuyers and process applications. Make sure you install plenty of storage so your salespeople always have the right paperwork and files readily available and assign each station its own copier, so each salesperson can copy and print their documents directly from their workstation without having to run around the office.
Investing in a comfortable and efficient workstation for your sales team is a win-win; it will make your sales team both happier and more efficient, which in turn will drive better results and sales.
An Aerial View Of Your Community
As a builder, obviously you’ll always look to build in prime areas. But there’s also great opportunity in up-and-coming areas. And while you have the vision to look at the neighborhood and build site and see its future potential, your potential buyers might now. That’s why it’s important to have a large aerial of your community and the surrounding areas: it gives you the ability to showcase the value and potential of the property and the surrounding areas.
So, for example, let’s say you’re building in an area that’s about to explode: there’s a ton of new construction happening, businesses are flocking to the area, and in a year’s time it’s going to be the hottest neighborhood in town. As a builder, it’s easy for you to conceptualize the evolution of the neighborhood. But to a potential homeowner, all they see is what exists now: construction sites, noise, and a big mess.
Having an aerial that highlights the value area is critical to building confidence with your buyers. Include the different businesses and residential zones in close proximity to your site and explain how they add value to your properties. For example, if there’s a shopping center that’s opening less than a mile away, include that in your aerial and talk up the convenience of being able to walk to shopping and entertainment. Or, if there’s major employers that set up shop in your neighborhood, talk to your potential homebuyers of the value of having big business in the neighborhood.
Having an aerial in your office allows you to position your properties in the most flattering light and allows your potential owners to see past construction or a less-than-ideal build site and see the property for its full potential.
A Technology Area
No sales center would be complete without a technology area. Depending on the size and volume of your sales center, this could be it’s own room or just be a small area of the sales office, but it’s a necessity to showcase your properties, educate potential owners, and close sales.
Your technology area should have multiple monitors so potential owners can view your product, customize floor plans, and explore the different add-ons and amenities for your properties.
You should also create a few iPad stations; this is helpful to handle overflow when your monitors are being used by other visitors AND gives the children of your potential owners something to do while you work with their parents (just make sure to include a few appropriate games to keep the kids busy).
In terms of design, there’s a few ways you can set up your technology center: you can install monitors on the wall, have a separate kiosk, or install a table or island in the center of the room where people can comfortably lean on as your salespeople go through the sales cycle.
A Well-Stocked Kitchen Area
This one’s often overlooked, but every sales center should have a well-stocked kitchen area.
Touring properties can be an exhausting process, and many potential owners feel drained by the time they get to the sales center. And when your potential buyers are tired, hungry and thirsty, it can be much more difficult for your salespeople to do their job and sell them on your properties.
Having water, tea, juice, and small snacks on hand will ensure that your potential homeowners don’t succumb to hunger-related exhaustion and are more open and receptive to hearing your salespeople’s pitch.
Your Builder Story
For many homeowners, the company they’re buying from is just as important as the property they’re buying. They want to know they’re dealing with a company with a solid reputation, strong business ethics, and a dedication to their community. They want to work with a company that’s trustworthy, reliable, and delivers on their promises. They want to know if something goes wrong with their home, the company will be there to fix it.
It’s your job to show your potential buyers that you are that company. Having your company story on full display in your sales center, whether it’s through a collage or an interactive video, will help build the relationship with your customers and show them you’re a company they want to do business with.
Every sales center is unique in design and output, but if you want to make the most out of your space, these 5 must-have pieces will help you create the right environment to connect with your customers, showcase your properties, close sales, and fill your communities.