Why should Video Ads be an Integral Part of Homebuilders Marketing Mix?

Are you aware that a 30-second spot during Super Bowl for advertisers costs $5 million and upwards? And how big is the audience? According to Nielsen, it had 113.1 million viewers in 2017 show the cheating Patriots come back and win. Now compare that with popular video sharing platforms like YouTube. Around 30-million viewers [...]

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Builders: 5 Ways 3D Matterport Tours Can Help Your Brand Grow Technology has caused the world to become smaller. Builders must constantly deal with a playing field whose boundaries keep expanding by the year. When your clients aren’t limited to the locals, it can be hard to give them a “human touch”, which is [...]

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How Builders can Use the change in 20% Text Rule to Attract More Buyers

How Builders can Use the change in 20% Text Rule to Attract More Buyers A Texas based luxury real estate brokerage in Texas was looking for more attendees to their open house events. They decided to use Facebook Ads and target people aged 27 – 65+ in Austin area, with interests like real estate, interior [...]

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Facebooks New Update Is Actually Two Updates

As a home builder trying to survive and thrive in a fiercely competitive market, your objective is to satisfy your customers. However, in the current competitive home-building business environment reaching potential customers is a bigger struggle than even building a home. A reliable digital marketing strategy such as Facebook Advertising is indispensable and extremely effective. [...]

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Like most of us in business we look for specific traits when working with new people, things like: Excellent Communication Passionate & Spirited Experts in Their Field Focused + Determined Trustworthy + Reliable Shouldn’t these be the same traits you look for in a marketing partner for your communities? For over 30 years Marketshare [...]

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Google Announces New Local Ads-Pack for Local New Home Communities at SMX.

A lot of builders out there might be saying to themselves “what the what?”. Let me explain a little bit more. SMX is a SEO/SEM traveling convention. We go to the SMX West show every year and get the best information. Earlier this week at the latest SMX Google shared a little bit of information [...]

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Did You Know Builders Can Collect and Generate Leads Directly in Facebook? A Primer on Lead-Ads

Let’s face it, buyers are using their phones to find homes they like and want to look at. They don’t have much time to see your ad, click on it, be redirect to your website, then asked to fill out a long form made for a desktop. What a headache! Buyers do almost everything from [...]

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PokemonGo – How Builders Can Use It!

I am sure you have either played or heard of Pokémon Go over the past week. This new game is catching like wildfire the world over. It has already surpassed Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and soon WhatsApp for daily users. If you have not yet played it I highly recommend that you download it for free from [...]

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Instagram and the big change…

What changed? Instagram updated its news feed algorithm. Photos will no longer appear in chronological order, but instead be sorted “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post.” What does this mean for me? You may ask… It means Instagram will [...]

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Attention Home Buyers: Your new home search just got bigger and better with TOPTEN!

For Immediate Release Attention Home Buyers: Your new home search just got bigger and better with TOPTEN! MILPITAS, CA July 7th 2016 — TOPTENnewhomes.com announces the largest national home search specifically for new construction. Scratch the case of the Mondays, friend. We come bearing great news! Our engineering and Design team spent several late-night [...]

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